Dog Walk

We come to your house and walk your dog. Each visit is 20 - 30 minutes in length. *Additional charges may apply

1 dog: $16      Additional dog: $5 each


Let Out

Have an enclosed yard? We'll let your dog/s out to use the bathroom and get some exercise. Each visit is 15 minutes in length. *Additional charges may apply

1 dog: $14    Additional dog: $3 each


Play Day

We'll bring your dog along with us. They get a fun filled car ride and a walk at every stop on our route. *must provide advanced scheduling

$30 per dog


Cat Visit

We come to your home to feed your cat/s, clean the litter box, and give them some special attention. *Additional charges may apply

$15 per visit


Caged Pets

Not into dogs and cats? We'll stop by to care for your birds, fish, hamsters, etc.

$14 per visit


Additional Fees

Weekend $5

Holidays $10

Administer Medication $5