If you have pets, you know the incredible responsibility of taking care of them on a daily basis. Inevitably, there are times when you cannot be there for your pet. Between work, friends, activities, children, partners, and our over-active lifestyles, sometimes your pet can end up not getting all the attention, affection and interaction that it needs. As you know, extended isolation can cause problems with pets.

This is where the services of Yuppee Puppee can really make a difference. We can handle nearly any type of pet and nearly any kind of schedule. We take pride in providing care, companionship, and exercise to your family pets when you are busy or away.

Our company was founded in 2000 to provide in-home pet care services to families on the West Side of Cleveland, Ohio and its suburbs. We are an active member of Pet Sitters International and we have an A+ rating with the BBB. We are fully bonded and insured to protect each of our clients.

Special Note: When you hire us for your vacation needs, we can provide free basic House Sitting services (get your mail & newspaper, turn on/off lights, etc.) to give your home a "lived in" look while you're away.

Don't have a pet? Get one! We frequently either are fostering or can locate Rescue Pets in need of good loving homes. Don't have time for a pet? No problem! Just hire YuppeePuppee to take care of your little friend while you're away.